What they say about Respond

More than 400 professionals in the North East have already completed Respond training, ensuring that agencies can build closer working relationships and improve the experience of people in crisis.

Respond is attracting strongly positive feedback from professionals and interest from agencies and partnerships across the country.

Dawn Mulholland

Mental health nurse, street triage team, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS trust

Katherine Hay

Section 12 doctor, crisis team, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust

Inspector Steve Baker

Mental Health Lead, Northumbria Police

Michael Southworth

Advanced Paramedic, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

"It's clear that Respond has been highly effective in helping professionals understand each other's roles, respond quickly and work together to support people in mental health crisis. The training package can be easily replicated in different areas and can help to improve crisis responses in North Cumbria."
Michael Orde

High Sherriff of Northumberland

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"As everyone has to do in all walks of life, I have attended many training sessions, and can confidently say that the structure of the Respond simulation training created more engagement in the subject and more challenges to my thinking than I have experienced in other formats, leading to a far better understanding of mental health and its impact on multi-agency reactions to situations. "