Respond is a pioneering initiative, bringing together the full range of professionals involved in mental health crisis care to learn together using a simulated scenario with audio and video clips.

People in mental health crisis depend on a fast, effective and streamlined response – so they get the right support, whichever service they turn to first.

With a range of services and specialisms involved, it’s essential that everyone on the crisis pathway has a clear understanding of one another’s roles under the pressure of a stressful situation. And yet it is unusual for different professionals on the pathway to train together.

Respond is the ground-breaking simulation training package helping to put this right.

Designed in the North East by professionals in mental health crisis care working with experts by experience, Respond simulates a mental health crisis scenario with video and audio clips, and group discussion in a safe environment.

It brings together everyone in the crisis pathway – including doctors, nurses, police, paramedics, approved mental health workers and experts by experience – to explore their problem-solving skills, knowing that mistakes can be made without any long-term consequences.

Over 400 professionals in the North East have already completed Respond training, which is accredited by the CPD certification service, so professionals can earn Continuous Professional Development credits for their learning.