Our vision

Our vision

To reduce unwarranted variation and improve the quality, safety and equity of urgent and emergency care provision by bringing together stakeholders to radically transform the system at a scale and pace which could not be delivered by a single organisation.

Our vision will ensure that we meet our objectives:

  • High quality, safe, urgent and emergency care services available seven days of the week, addressing our population health needs, balanced against requirements of personalisation
  • Simple to access integrated care pathways, delivered as close to home as possible, provided across a full range of care settings, enabling good choices by patients and clinicians
  • Improved patient experience and clinical outcomes delivered through care in the right place, at the right time, provided by those with the right skills

Our approach is underpinned by these principles:

  • The needs of the patient are above those of individual organisations
  • As a system we can provide a higher standard of care than as individual organisations
  • Patients and staff will be involved in the development and delivery of our programme
  • Costs will be reduced by coordinated care focused on improving health
  • We will work together to develop and meet our shared vision for urgent and emergency care
  • We will involve partners in social care