150,000 uses for new, safer digital care system

Thousands of patients are benefiting from better, safer care, thanks to the new MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) system introduced across the region last year.

The MIG provides secure, real-time access to a summary of GP-held records for emergency doctors, nurses and paramedics, to enable them to make clinical decisions using the most up-to-date information.

The latest figures show that around 150,000 GP-held patient records have been successfully accessed using the MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) system since May last year – with 22,000 uses in December rising to 25,000 in January.

Even more patients will benefit from the system in future, as hospitals continue to roll it out beyond A&E and urgent care settings, to include hospital pharmacists, consultants, doctors and nursing staff.

Rolling out the MIG is an important first step towards the region’s long-term vision for a Great North Care Record.

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